The Fairy GlenWe visited the completely magical Fairy Glen on the spectacular Isle of Skye (map), sometimes spelt Faerie Glen, during our holiday, upon the recommendation of a very dear friend, Brian Collie.  Brian owns the rather marvellous Personal Tours of Scotland (Personal Tours of Scotland) and in my opinion he is a world authority on where to go and what to see as far as north of the border is concerned.  If he says somewhere is worth visiting, you’d be a fool not to go.

Located on the west side of Trotternish, above the port of Uig, The Fairy Glen is not particularly well known and there are no road signs to point the way.  However it isn’t too difficult to find as it’s just a short way off the The Completely Magical Fairy Glen on the Spectacular Isle of Skye: Castle Ewanmain A87, south of Uig.  You simply need to locate The Uig Hotel and then take the turning that runs up the hill behind the hotel. (map) Like many of the roads on Skye this one is beautifully tarmacked, but single track, so for a moment you think you have turned into someone’s driveway….but fear not…you haven’t.  Keep going for a mile or two and you’ll know when you’ve arrived at the place where the fairies live.

We parked up on the grass verge at the beginning of the glen (streetview) so we could explore on foot.  You can wander around, across, and in between the small, dome-shaped, grassy hills.  Some are reflected in ponds that sit among them, which gives the glen a rather mystical feel, and here and there are stone circles.  One moment you are surrounded by lush greenery, the next you are gazing across the fields to a distant waterfall.  The hills themselves look like someone has loosely draped green velvet over them, and then scattered them with rocks.  One of them The Completely Magical Fairy Glen on the Spectacular Isle of Skye: Looking across The Fairy Glenstill has its basalt topping intact which, from a distance, looks like a castle ruin and has been called Castle Ewan, presumably because of it’s appearance.  It is possible to climb to the top: there’s not much room up there, but the views are lovely.  Needless to say Hoover shot up to the top like a rat up a drainpipe!

The glen really is like some sort of enchanting Hobbit land.  I should think it is a beautiful sight on a sunny day, but despite the drizzle we were entranced by the place.  In fact I think the misty air created even more of a magical atmosphere.

There are no facilities at The Fairy Glen…no coffee shop, gift shop, or loos….just Mother Nature in all her glory….thank goodness….