A Pit Stop at The Old Thatch Inn, Cheriton Bishop, DartmoorHooves and I stopped for a pit stop at The Old Thatch Inn, Cheriton Bishop, Dartmoor (website) on our way to Cornwall.  We had kept our eyes peeled for a place to stop for lunch, and as we were whizzing along the A30 we were rewarded by one of those signs on the verge that announces a nearby hostelry.  We took the hint and within a few minutes we were pulling up outside The Old Thatch Inn. (map)

I left H in the car while I popped in to see if dogs were welcome.  The moment I opened the door one of the bar staff called out a cheery hello, which for a girlie entering an unknown pub alone, is always welcome.  (Ladies you know what I mean…)  As I asked if dogs were permitted I spotted a bowl of water by the door and a huge box of biscuits on the counter.  The reply was: ‘we love dogs here…’  That’ll be a ‘yes’ I thought to myself.  I then went back and unleashed Hoover from the car.  As is the norm when making an entrance with Hooves, I re-entered the pub at 100 miles an hour.  He was at the bar before I had managed to shut the door behind us.  Unperturbed by the whirlwind that had just destroyed the peace and quiet in the bar the bar staff proceeded to ‘serve’ Hooves at the bar and were quite happy to have him with his paws up on the counter chatting to them.

At this point the pub could have served the worse meal in the world and it still would have been great, but actually the food was delicious.  I opted for the ham, egg and chips, which I rarely choose as I often get seduced by a steak and ale pie if there is one on offer.  However I fancied a change… perhaps it was the mention of triple cooked chips.  The ham was thick and succulent, the eggs were perfectly cooked (I hate wobbly whites, but I like runny yolks) and as for the triple cooked chips…..well they were perfect.  So often I find that ‘triple cooked’ translates as ‘over-cooked’ or ‘like concrete’, but on this occasion they were crispy on the outside and soft & fluffy on the inside…they didn’t touch the sides (and I’m not wild about chips!)

The inside of the pub was just how a pub with the name The Old Thatch Inn should be: original flagstone floor, old timbers and an open fire.  It is warm and welcoming, with great food, and lovely staff….It’s well worth visiting if you’re down that way.