Homemade Goodies at Eyam Tea Rooms, Set in the Heart of Eyam

When we booked our holiday cottage in Eyam one of it’s attractions for us was it’s proximity to a the highly recommended Eyam Tea Rooms, which sits just a few doors down the lane.    The wonderful array of homemade goodies at Eyam Tea Rooms, set in the heart of Eyam, greet you as soon as you walk through the door – the cakes themselves are a feast for the eyes, never mind your taste buds,  Located in The Hope Valley, the tea rooms have an excellent reputation for providing really good food as well as a very warm welcome, and most importantly for being doggy-friendly.  We decided to go for breakfast on a Sunday morning and we were not disappointed!

homemade goodies at Eyam Tea Rooms, set in the heart of Eyam

Hoover and I made our entrance at great speed due to him having no brakes when he is giddy, and we were welcomed like old friends as we landed inside the door with a bit of a ta-dah!  The tea rooms are owned by Francis & Fiona: Fiona was busy setting out her delicious homemade cakes and Francis was lighting the log burner.  What a lovely scene to greet a hungry human on a crisp November morning!  They immediately greeted us, and we then proceeded to waffle on together for what seemed like ages….it was lovely.  Hoover of course made his presence felt and was chatted to, cuddled, and offered doggy treats from a jar by the till.    In fact Fiona and Hoover had a chat together about this and that…I’m not sure what they were talking about but I suspect that the cakes featured highly in the conversation.

We settled ourselves at a table by the fire and got on with the important business of ordering breakfast.  I had the Muddy Boots breakfast, with toast and a pot of tea.  It was delicious.  Just the right amount to set me up for a day out and about with Hooves, and so tasty…not greasy like many cooked breakfasts.    While we were eating we got chatting with some other diners whom had driven over from Sheffield for their breakfast as they too had heard this was the best tea rooms for miles. 

Upon finishing my breakfast we left rather reluctantly, but not before buying a couple of pieces of cake for later.  I really struggled to choose one so I had a piece of the Peanut Butter Gorgeousness, and a whacking-great slice of Ginger & Cream-cheese sponge cake.  Oh my word, they were so gooooood! 

Lunches as well as breakfasts are served at the tea rooms, and they also sell ready-to-go snacks and drinks for your rucksack should you be going for a serious walk.  Inside the Tea RoomsDespite the fact that they get extremely busy Francis & Fiona love their customers to take their time and not rush.  In fact they are planning to take out a handful of tables to replace them with super-comfy chairs and sofas thus creating the ‘linger longer’ area.  These lovely people really do value their customers and take great joy in providing good food and a super-warm welcome.  If you find yourself in Eyam, whether you have a dog or not, try to find time for a cuppa and a piece of cake….and be sure to tell Fiona that Hoover the talking dog sent you.